ColorOS 6: best tips and tricks you need to know

8 August 2019

ColorOS 6 brought some really interesting features. The new skin based on Android created by OPPO is now lighter and faster than ever, and, in many ways, has been more westernized. Want to know how to get the most of ColorOS 6? Here are our best tips and tricks you should know.

Enable the App Drawer

ColorOS 6 has finally introduced for the first time an App Drawer as Android stock, which makes this skin more intuitive to use for new OPPO and Realme smartphone users. Please note that this feature may not be enabled by default, so here’s how to enable it in a few steps.

To enable the new App Drawer just pinch out with two fingers on the main screen, then press Settings and select Drawer Mode from Home Screen Mode.

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Enable navigation gestures

Since ColorOS 6 is based on Android Pie, OPPO has included new native navigation gestures that Google has introduced into its operating system. However, OPPO’s gestures are multiple and each of them meets the needs of its users. Of course it is also possible to use the classic virtual buttons.

To customize the navigation gestures, simply go to Settings > Smart and Convenient > Navigation keys and then choose the ones you like.

Customize Smart Assistant (Breeno)

OPPO Smart Assistant page has always been part of ColorOS, but this time you can also customize it, since OPPO has decided to give users more control over the information to be displayed. To customize Smart Assistant page you will first have to access on it by scrolling from left to right on the main screen, then tap the settings button at the top right and in the next screen you can not only choose the type of information to be displayed, but also rearrange it according to the order you prefer.

ColorOS 6: how to enable the App Drawer

Enable Smart Driving mode

ColorOS 6 has introduced a new Smart Driving mode that, if enabled, doesn’t allow all notifications whenever your smartphone detects that you are riding or cycling. Any incoming calls are automatically rejected and the caller receives an automatic text message.

To enable this mode, go to Settings > Smart & Convenient > Smart Help and enable the Smart Driving mode. Within the same menu you can customize what you want that your smartphone have to do when you receive calls and messages while you are driving.

Disable App Prediction

ColorOS 6 use AI to improve system performance by actively managing hardware resources. In addition to this, AI will also be able to show you automatic information you might need. One of the areas where this feature is applied is App Prediction, which shows which apps you might find useful.

If you don’t like this feature, you can disable it by pinch out with two fingers on the main screen and tap on Settings. Now disable the App Prediction.

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Show RAM info on recent apps screen

The previous version of ColorOS displayed RAM information by default every time you called up the recent apps screen. This feature has been disabled in the new version of the OPPO skin, but don’t worry, you can easily get it back.

To enable RAM information, go to Settings > Additional Settings and enable View RAM Information.

Enable the Night Shield

Night Shield is a feature of ColorOS that reduces the blue light emitted by the smartphone display by changing its color temperature. Blue light interferes with our ability to sleep, so experts recommend using a filter when using any device at night.

You can enable Night Shield by going to Settings > Display and Brightness > Night Shield. Here you can choose to enable the function or schedule a time interval in which Night Shield will automatically activate.

Clone Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram

Like many other Chinese manufacturers, even OPPO allows you to clone social or messaging apps, useful for those who have a dual SIM smartphone and want to take advantage of WhatsApp on both SIMs. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Clone app. On this screen, just choose the app you want to clone and, once done, ColorOS will automatically create a copy of the same app.

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Get the best of ColorOS

These are the best tips and tricks to get the most of ColorOS 6. However, keep in mind that some of them also work with the previous version of the OPPO skin. To obtain more informations about ColorOS 6, visit the official website.

What other tips and tricks or features would you like to find on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!


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