How to perform an hard reset on your OPPO smartphone

09 Sep 2019

Hard reset, also known as factory reset, is the reset of a device to factory settings, an operation that can be managed on devices of any brand or model. This action is a simple and fast way to delete all personal data from your device, especially useful in case of sale. If you have a smartphone OPPO and you want to perform a complete reset, here’s what you have to do.

Before resetting and restoring your OPPO smartphone, make sure it has at least 50% of battery, otherwise you may experience serious damage. There is absolutely no need to ask, but: none of you want your smartphone to become a paperweight, right?

Hard reset from the settings menu

The easiest way to restore the factory settings on an OPPO device is through the settings menu. If you can access the contents of your smartphone, you can reset it using the factory reset menu under Settings > Additional Settings > Restore Phone and press on Clear All Data.

At this point, the device will restart and the reset process will end in a few seconds.

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Hard reset from Recovery Mode

If for any reason you do not have access to the Settings menu of your OPPO smartphone, you can still perform an hard reset using the Recovery Mode. Usually, this mode is used when you cannot access the contents of your smartphone, when you forget your unlock password, or for various reasons related to a malfunction of the device, such as sudden locks or restarts.

So, you just need to follow these steps to proceed:

  • Turn off your device completely for a few seconds;
  • Press and hold the Volume Up + Power button buttons until you see the reset mode screen;
  • Using the volume buttons, move to Wipe Data / Factory Reset and select it using the Power button;
  • select Yes, delete all data and confirm with the Power button;
  • at the end of the process select Reboot;

At this point the smartphone will restart and it will be like new.

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Once the factory reset process is complete, don’t worry if your device will restart slowly. The first restart may take longer than usual.

Why perform a hard reset

Restoring your smartphone to factory settings is a process that should only be performed if necessary, however there are times when a hard reset is the only way to solve a serious problem. If your smartphone tends to slow down very frequently, deleting data may free up valuable space and speed up response times. First, we always recommend deleting unused files and applications individually, updating all apps via the Play Store and searching for a system update via the Settings menu.

The situation is quite different when you have to sell your smartphone: here a factory reset is a must in order not to allow the buyer to access your data and protect your identity. Always check carefully that all personal data has been removed before selling your smartphone.

Removing virus and malware

If some files on your smartphone have been infected by viruses or malware, a hard reset will definitely help you get rid of them. However, if you backed up your data before restoring it to factory settings, be careful and check that the same files are not present in the backup.

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How often do I perform a hard reset?

Usually, you don’t need to reset your smartphone to factory settings unless you have a problem. However, you might always benefit from it from time to time, especially when it takes up a lot of memory between applications, music, games and other large files. If you think your smartphone is too full and you’ve already backed up what you really need, performing a hard reset every 3-4 months could definitely improve your user experience.

Have you ever reset your smartphone? How often do you do that? Let us know in the comments section below!

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