How to speed up your slow OPPO smartphone

11 September 2019

It can happen that your smartphone OPPO became slow as months and years go by. The causes can be many, but it is possible to take action and speed up the device by following some basic rules, even using integrated software solutions in the ColorOS. Here are some tips to follow to speed up your slow OPPO smartphone.

Remove unnecessary apps

We often install new applications that we use only sporadically, but that still occupy important memory within our smartphone, especially if they remain active in the background. It is therefore advisable to uninstall them and reinstall them only when necessary: just go to Settings > Applications, select the app to delete and press the Uninstall button.

Remove unnecessary files

We always recommend that you do not store large amounts of files in the internal memory, especially when it comes to unnecessary content. Sometimes it is necessary to go and delete all those files that we do not need and occupy a good portion of valuable memory: you just need to use the tool integrated in all OPPO’s smartphones from Settings > Advanced Settings > Storage > Clean Storage.

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Close useless apps in background

One of the ways to speed up your slow OPPO smartphone quite immediately is to clean up the RAM of ongoing processes that are not needed. To close all apps running in the background just open the menu of recent apps and press the dedicated button (the X-shaped one). You can also close one application at a time by swiping up.


Turn off services that you don’t need

An indication that seems all too simple but that very often is forgotten is that of not leaving on services that are not needed and that do nothing but occupy resources and consume battery. Therefore: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS should only be switched on when really needed. You can easily enable or disable these modules using the quick buttons in the notification drop-down list.

Update ColorOS to the newest version

One of the most important suggestions to speed up a slow OPPO smartphone is to update ColorOS to the latest version available. This is because each newer version provides better performance, bug fixes, more security and a longer battery life. You will usually receive a notification if there are new ColorOS updates, but you can always manually monitor their presence by going to Settings > Software Update.

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Update your apps

Not only the operating system, it is also advisable to update the installed applications for the same identical speech as above. Updated apps mean optimization, bugfixes and lower battery consumption. To update an app on your OPPO device just open the Play Store, open the side menu and select My apps and games.

Turn off or reboot your smartphone

Nobody turns off their smartphone anymore, right? Some users keep it on for over a month and the result is an accumulation of processes that never give the device a breathing space. That’s why we recommend turning off and on at least once a week, cleaning the cache and RAM used unfairly by unnecessary processes.

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Which method do you use to speed up your slow OPPO smartphone? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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