How to use screen recording on OPPO smartphones

11 September 2019

Recording the screen on your smartphone OPPO is a very simple procedure and equally useful for different purposes. For example, for youtubers who want to share their gaming performances or to make tutorials, but also to save a movie that you can not download. In short, whatever the reason, recording the screen is very simple: here’s how to do it!

Enabling Screen Recording

To record the screen on your OPPO smartphone, just pull down the notification menu from the top of the screen and press Start Screen Recording. At the end of the 3-second countdown, you will start recording for a maximum of 30 minutes. To stop recording, simply tap the floating Stop icon that will appear on the screen. You will then receive a “The screen recording file has been saved” notification from which you will be able to access your newly recorded movie.


Edit the just saved recording

Editing the newly saved recording is very simple: just go to the photo gallery, open the video and select the Edit button below. With ColorOS tools you can crop, add filters or special effects, music and text to your videos.

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Activate voice recording

To record your screen and also your voice via the integrated microphone, you must enable the setting via the menu Settings > System App > Screen Recording.


Change the recording resolution

Within the same settings, you can also choose the resolution to use for recording. By default, OPPO smartphones record at 720p resolution, but you can also increase the resolution to 1080p or decrease it to 480p.

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Enable screen taps

In case you need to record a video tutorial it is useful to show users the areas of the screen that are pressed. For this reason, OPPO smartphones can also be used to enable this feature by going to Settings > System Applications > Screen Recording > Record Screen Taps.

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