OPPO Reno Ace is coming next month with 65W fast charging

09 Sep 2019

OPPO’s Vice President Brian Shen has just confirmed on Weibo that the next OPPO Reno Ace will offer fast charging capacities up to 65 watts. This is 20 watts more than the Galaxy Note10+ can offer, which boasts 45 watts of maximum power with the support of an optional charger. What charging speed should we expect on OPPO Reno Ace? Let’s find out!

Fast charging has become a key feature in recent years and more and more manufacturers are strengthening their capabilities in this area. Lately we’ve seen smartphones jump from 18 watts to 50 watts of speed, but it seems that OPPO still doesn’t have enough.

How to speed up your slow OPPO smartphone

Battery size is the key to understanding charging speeds, as a larger module takes longer to recharge. For example, the 4,200 mAh battery on the Huawei P30 Pro recharges 75% after 30 minutes with the 40-watt charger and 100% after 56 minutes. Of course, other factors that can affect charging speed, such as battery health and heat, will change over time.

On the other hand, a healthy 4,000 mAh battery combined with a 65 watt charger could easily fully charge a device in less than 45 minutes. This is the purpose of OPPO, which has already given an opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities in the field of super fast charging.


OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition reach 100% of charge in just 35 minutes

How fast is OPPO fast charging?

OPPO RX17 Pro, for example, supports proprietary Super VOOC 50 watt technology and its 3,700 mAh battery reaches 40% of capacity in just 10 minutes. In half an hour, however, you can charge your smartphone almost completely. The second smartphone to support the same charging speed is the OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition, unveiled last year, which recharges its 3,400 mAh battery in just 35 minutes.

OPPO Super VOOC: how fast is it compared to others?

We just have to wait and see the potential of the new charging technology on board the next OPPO Reno Ace. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gizmochina | Via: Android Authority


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